Health Information / Travel Requirements


Visitors must produce a valid yellow fever certificate obtained no less than ten days prior to travel.

It is also crucial that you obtain malaria prophylactics before entering Tanzania. When purchasing these, please tell your doctor or pharmacist that you intend visiting Tanzania.

Precautionary measures include: insect repellent, cover up at sundown, sleep under a mosquito net and wear long sleeve clothing and long trousers in the evenings.

Immunization against cholera, polio, hepatitis A & B, typhoid and tetanus is recommended if travelling by road.

Medical Services

Medical facilities are limited. If medical assistance is given, doctors and hospitals require immediate payment. It is therefore advisable to obtain medical insurance prior to travel.

Emergency services and first aid are unavailable outside major cities and tourist areas. It is wise to bring with you any medication you may require, as you will not have access to pharmacies in most of the areas you’ll visit.


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