Western Circuit

Mahale National Park

The ultimate location for chimpanzee safaris, Mahale is one of the most remote and scenically breathtaking areas in East Africa; mountains, forest and the crystal clear water of Lake Tanganyika combine to make this a unique African safari destination. The Mahale Mountains lies on the edge of Lake Tanganyika. The Park sized 1,613 sq km […]


Gombe National Park

Gombe, at 52 sq km, on the shore of Lake Tanganyika, is Tanzania’s smallest park. It is an oblong strip of rugged, mountainous terrain dominated by many steep-sided ridges and valleys. The scenery in Gombe is stunning, with most of the 16 major valleys containing swift streams that flow all year. The streams provide the […]


Katavi National Park

Katavti, is about 35km southwest of Mpanda, is Tanzania’s third-largest national park and one of its most unspoiled wilderness areas. For travellers seeking an alternative to more popular destinations elsewhere in the country, it is high-adventure, rugged safari experience with Safari Solutions Limited. Katavi’s predominant feature is its enormous flood plain, the vast, grassy expanses […]

Katuma Bush Lodge